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Title: The Fatherhood Chronicles - Red Velvet Boy
Author: Aragarna
Characters: Neal Caffrey, Neal Burke, Peter Burke
Genre: highly fluffy fluff.
Word count: 935
Summary: Neal and Neal are making red velvet cupcakes.
Author's Note: This one is for the wonderful kanarek13, who loves red velvet cupcakes so much. So we're jumping in time a little for this one.

“Okay, Monkey, now what’s next on the list?”Collapse )
21 July 2015 @ 07:32 pm
I've been meaning to do this for a long long time. Really, it's just because I want to continue talking about White Collar. And what's better than a meme?

1- What's your favorite season?
2- What's your favorite episode?
3- What's your favorite scene?
4- How about your favorite dialogue/line?
5- Who's your favorite character and/or pairing?
6- What made that show so special to you?
7- What will you keep forever in your heart?
8- If you’re an artist or a writer, what inspired – and still inspires – you to create something?
9- What's your headcanon for the future of the characters?
10- What now?
11- Have you found your next White Collar yet?
12- Have you experienced the loss of a TV show like that before?
13- Anything else to add?

As not to invade your feed, the answers are under the cut.
I did try to keep it reasonably short, but, you know....Collapse )

Come and join the fun! Code is below!

Title: The Fatherhood Chronicles - A Disappearing Act
Author: Aragarna
Characters: Peter, Little Neal, Elizabeth
Genre: angst/comfort, fluff.
Word count: 1530
Summary: Peter and Little Neal have to do the groceries, and Peter loses his son in the giant store...
Author's Note: This little fic is for the lovely dennih23 and her mom, who both need a big hug.

“Here, Pumpkin, hold my hand. This is a big supermarket, I don’t want to lose you in this giant maze.”Collapse )

Title: The Fatherhood Chronicles - Semantics
Author: Aragarna
Characters: Peter, Big Neal, Mozzie, Little Neal
Genre: fluff, humor.
Word count: 485
Summary: Neal and Mozzie totally disapprove Peter's new aquisition.
Author's Note: This is a little birthday present for joy2190. I hope you like it!

“This is…” Mozzie croaked. - “Prison,” Neal stated. - “This is not!” Peter protested.Collapse )
12 July 2015 @ 09:40 pm
Ganked from elrhiarhodan. Just when I was working on a White Collar meme. I guess that one will have to wait a little. ;)

Cut for words!Collapse )
Title: The Great Book of Little Neal - The World's Greatest Mom
Artist: Aragarna
Characters: Elizabeth Burke, Neal Burke, Peter Burke.
Genre, rating: the usual fluff of the irresistible kind, gen, G.
Summary: If El thinks Peter is the World's Greatest Dad (and FBI Agent - of course), Peter also thinks El is the World Greatest's Mom. So does Little Neal.
Author's Note: This is my entry for the 2015 Mini Fest at wc_women_fest. It was the occasion to focus a little more on Elizabeth for once. :)

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09 July 2015 @ 06:29 pm
That's going to be a looong 6 months. But hey, we're 3/4 through the wait. And it'll be a perfect replacement for the lack of White Collar. Is it Christmas yet ?

01 July 2015 @ 09:55 am

(Yes, that's Celsius. Today.)

(And sorry for the sudden spamming!)
01 July 2015 @ 07:39 am
Tagged by elrhiarhodan - "List 5 things that make you happy and pass this on to 10 people"

In no particular order.

1 - Tim DeKay. For his kindness and generosity. For his smile and all the little faces. For making Peter Burke so much more than he was on paper. For his talent to make you feel. For his chest that you want to cuddle against.

2 - Family and Friends. You know, those people you grew up with, who love you, don't question you, but understand you and take you for who you are. The people you can always talk to.

3 - Summer in the garden. For the cherries and raspberries from the garden. For the breakfast with fresh pastries in the garden. For the late dinners outside until night.

4 - White Collar. It's a fact, watching an episode - or 5 minutes - of White Collar brings a smile to my face and makes me all fluffy inside. It doesn't matter that I know the episodes all by heart.

5 - Books. Way before the internet (and actually quite some times after), I was spending ALL my free time reading. Still today, I can't travel without a book. If I know the doctor will likely be late, I take a book to read in the waiting room. Books are like windows to other worlds and other lives, that you open and close as you open a close the book. In Paris I was reading in the subway. Not so easy to read while walking (though I've actually done it), so I don't read on my way to work anymore. But I read in the plane instead. Good thing with a book, you don't need to switch it off during take off and landing!

And I'm tagging all of you on my flist, who haven't done the meme yet! Consider yourself tagged.

Oh and also, I'm thinking of doing a White Collar meme. Anyone would be interested?
21 June 2015 @ 10:03 pm

Liz Climo's cartoons are absolutely adorable. And Rory and his dad are the most adorable of all. And of course, they totally make me think of Peter and Little Neal.
I've bought both The Little World of Liz Climo and Rory the dinosaur - Me and my Dad, and that's just ♥♥♥.