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- I see it everywhere. In a kid that looks at me at the airport - I think about mini Neal. In the TV guide that says tonight there's a movie named Fedora. In every lyrics of every song. It's with me everywhere. I wake up at 5 am (thank you jetlag) and I immediatly think about it, even before consciously thinking about it, until I fall back asleep. I miss it. A part of me is conscious that there'll be no more White Collar and it feels like a void. I want to start a marathon, but I'm afraid it'll just make that void even more obvious.

- Fanfiction is denial at its finest. It's not over if I haven't finished the story, right? I should write a deep and long meta about the show, but I'm still too much of a mess. But I will, because as long as we keep talking about it, it's not really over.

- Is there a TV show that didn't use the presumed-dead / faking death trope?! House did it. Didn't Dexter do it too? In Person of Interest, both John and Harold are supposed to be dead. Oh and of course SHERLOCK! And that one was awesome! Poor John. I don't see Peter punching Neal, but you never know...

And to finish on a up-beat note, here is for you, one of those songs ... I said I wasn't gonna loose my head, but then 'pop' goes my heart...
19 December 2014 @ 08:11 pm
It's over. Done. Adios, farewell, so long... It was time to say good bye. And it hurts.But it's been fun.

On to the teary squee. And don't be scared away by the beginning, this is still very much a squee. Because it couldn't be otherwise.Collapse )
18 December 2014 @ 08:50 am
I thought it would be appropriate to express my state of mind today with a painting....

(The Scream, Edvard Munch, 1893)
Title: The Fatherhood Chronicles - Girls Like Baseball Too
Author: Aragarna
Characters: Peter, Elizabeth (Peter/El)
Genre: fluff, episode tag, missing scene.
Spoilers: up to 6x01.
Word count: 560
Summary: tag to 6x01. Elizabeth is pregnant, he's going to be a father.
Author's Note: This is the first installement of a series of ficlets following Peter's journey through fatherhood. Many thanks to kanarek13 for the beta.

Despite the exhaustion of his day, Peter can’t find sleep. He turns in his bed, again and again. He finally settles on his side to look at his beautiful, wonderful wife. He can’t figure how El managed to fall asleep. He’s way too excited himself. And a little bit anxious, too.Collapse )
15 December 2014 @ 07:24 pm
... Because all I asked for Christmas was Tim DeKay. And guess what? I did get Tim DeKay!

So, my apologizes for the lack of White Collar squee and icons this week, I was busy emptying my bank account to fly to California over the weekend to go see A Christmas Pudding. If you think that's totally crazy, you're absolutely right. But let me tell you, it was all worth it. Because Tim, by being Tim, makes the world a little more magical.

The show itself was great, made of moving and funny stories. The highlight was without hesitation Tim's reading of The H Street Sledding Record (it's about Family and Christmas traditions. A perfect piece for him).

I was hoping, knowing Tim, that I'd get a chance to say hello, and maybe get a picture with him. What I wasn't expecting was for Tim to seem so happy to see me. He did his best to get rid of all the old ladies asking him if he'd appear again in Agents of SHIELD so that he could come and hug me. And several times, some people came and took him away, but he kept coming back. And he was a real chatterbox! We talked about White Collar of course, and separation anxiety, the future, commuting, and kids... But to me the most amazing thing was that Tim DeKay, renowned and respected actor, was asking me all sort of things about why I moved to Madison, what my job was, how long I'll be there, why studying meteorites...

Isn't that man absolutely adorable?

(You can read a slightly more coherent summary of that night here)
This is my bonus entry for the H/C Advent... :-)

And of course, the Santa Peter Claus wallpaper is still available here
06 December 2014 @ 08:00 am
Title: Hush Little Baby
Author: Aragarna
Genre, rating: hurt/comfort, angst, fluff, family, gen, PG13
Characters: Peter, Neal, Diana, Theo
Spoilers: up to 5x13. Story goes AU from there.
Word count: 3700
Summary: As they're victims of a car accident during a snow storm, Peter tries to keep Theo safe and warm while Neal and Diana go get help.
Author's Note: This is my entry for the H/C Advent. Many thanks to the awesome citrinesunset for the beta work. The amazing art cover is of course from our favorite artist kanarek13. This story was written before the beginning of season 6, and therefore is now kinda AU, assuming El actually went to DC.

Peter stopped at the red light and glanced into the rear-view mirror at baby Theo, sound asleep in his car seat at the back of the car. The visibility had notably decreased since they left Washington and Peter couldn’t wait to reach the more urban landscapes of the city. He didn’t like driving in such bad conditions.Collapse )
05 December 2014 @ 09:35 pm
That's the episode I saw filming last summer, when I went to NY for one last set stalking adventure. \o/
And gotta say, it makes a lot more sense with the scenes in the right order, and the dialogues!

Apparently I'm just an happy camper, because no matter the episode, I enjoy it to bitsCollapse )