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Title: Those Left Behind
Author: Aragarna
Characters: Sara, Elizabeth
Genre, rating: angst and comfort, episode tag, gen, G.
Word count: ~2000
Spoilers: season 3 finale
Summary: When Neal runs, Sara finds unexpected comfort in El's pistachio ice-cream.
Author's Note: This is for sandy79, who asked for Sara and El bonding in the aftermath of 3x16, as part of the wcpairings exchange. Many thanks to reve_silencieux for the helpful advice and beta!

The soft knock on the door startled her, wresting her out of her moody reverie. Sara put down the book she was pretending to read and walked up to the door. For a moment, she hoped it would be Neal. She hoped he hadn’t disappeared on her, that history wasn’t repeating itself.Collapse )
24 May 2016 @ 10:37 pm
Oh CBS you're so messing things around...

[A little random cause 2 episodes at a time makes for a lot of things at once! (but a great night! :) )]
Shaw made it out!! *happy dance* You go girl! Now, it's only a matter of barely 8000 miles (13 000 km). With Samaritan on your heels... Piece of cake!

(Pretty sure that's a different dog though LOL)

Fusco is mad! Fusco is out! He does have a point, but it makes me sad. He's right, after everything he's done for them, he deserves a little more trust. Especially when it's obvious keeping him in the dark won't protect him. Come on, boys, don't let Fusco go... Talk to him!

I did like John and Harold keeping vigil outside his hospital room. Speaking of, Lionel sure has a tough skin. He looks pretty good for someone who almost got buried in a tunnel.

Samaritan is scary!! *shivers*

I wonder if Samaritan's asset won't switch side though. At least finaly one who doesn't blindly follow orders. Also I wonder who were those people Fusco found in the tunnel. It did occur to me they could have been rebellous assets, but then, there was Bruce. Or are they people that Samaritan see as future threats that should be removed out of the equation?

23 May 2016 @ 10:22 pm
[Spoilery initial reaction]
OMG Fusco! Not Fusco! *chew nails* Machine, what's your point if you can't see people from your team! Don't let Fusco die!
Maybe it' a good thing that CBS is showing 2 episodes a week after all. (TV schedule is listing it an hour earlier tomorrow, by the way, don't miss it!)

But I have to say, John's face when he sees the stripper and when the girl wants him to join. ROTF

"Why? Finch doesn't sing to you?"

Really, Samaritan, that's your best plan to win Shaw over? Don't you remember she was on the relevant side? She should know enough about all this stuff. I honestly doubt Greer - or creepy kid - seems a more appealing boss than Control...

Also, did you know that the Chicago PD actually has its own machine?! An algorithm that looks at crime patterns to try and predit crimes. For real.
22 May 2016 @ 02:19 pm
Title: A Man of Two Worlds
Author: Aragarna
Characters: Peter, El, Mozzie, Jones, Diana
Genre, rating: angst and comfort, episode tag, gen, G.
Word count: 2250
Spoilers: The entire show, mainly the finale episode.
Summary: Even in death, Neal manages to be a bridge between two worlds.
Author's Note: This is based on a terrific idea from sheenianni. And many thanks to the always awesome reve_silencieux for the cheerleading and the beta work! :)

It was a lovely day, sunny, with a clear blue sky, yet not too hot, thanks to a slight breeze gently shaking the tree leaves. Such a freaking beautiful day. If it had been a movie, it would have been raining. It would have been a grey and cold day, to reflect Peter’s broken and cold soul. But this was not a movie, this was real life. Neal was really dead.Collapse )
21 May 2016 @ 03:20 pm
So this week, I finally finished Castle.

[Spoilery considerations regarding the finale]
And I have to say, I'm a little sad that it had to end like this, with a quickly thrown finale scene. No matter my ranting over the decrease in quality of the last 2 seasons, no matter how annoyed I was at the network (and Nathan)'s initial will to continue without Stana Katic, Castle remains one of my favorite shows, one that I've been following faithfully since that summer 2010 where it premiered on French TV. Damn it, even White Collar got a proper send-off. Couldn't they give Castle a better one? Did it really have to end to cheaply?

Because it was obvious that Castle and Beckett being shot was going to be the season's cliffhanger - with possible Kate dying to get rid of her for the next season *shivers* - and then, without any explanation, continuity or closure we cut to 7 years later to reassure everyone. How did they survive? who caught the bad guy? Are we just supposed to accept that in TV land it all ends well in the end? Doesn't that destroy all disbelief?

But at least, they didn't ruin everything. Castle and Beckett will grow old together, among they army of kids. Beckett won't let him go and Castle won't take off with Hayley...

And I also watched DiNozzo's last 2 episodes.

[BIG SPOILERS obviously]
Now that is a proper send-off. Albeit, way over the top, in pure NCIS style.

I think one of NCIS's success secrets is that its running circles in its own methology. It *is* the reason why I gave up on it, but at the same time, after not watching for 2 years, I was still able to follow (almost) everything, and I still knew most of the players. I caught up the investigation in the middle (I had forgotten NCIS tends to do 4 episode season finale arcs), but apart from the MI6, the story involved Fornell, Eli David, Ziva, a bit of DiNozzo Sr. and... Trent Kort !

But back to the story itself. I can't believe they killed Ziva! How dare they?! Off screen with that!
(Well, okay, there's convenience about dying off-screen, there's no hard proof that she's dead. And knowing the show, it wouldn't be beyond them to bring her back from the dead, like in the finale season or something)

On a side note: the cute little Tali is John Stamos' grand daughter in Grandfathered. ;)

Oh and hmm, so we now have - almost - all the names of the cancelled/renewed shows.
With the end of Castle, The Good Wife, and soon, Person of Interest, it feels like the end of an era for me.
I did try to renew my list of shows. This year I was following Second Chance, Grandfathered, The Grinder, Galavant, and Limitless.

And the only one that wasn't axed - and for which I was actually confident enought - Limitless, is actually in the freaking limbos (CBS didn't announce anything - word is they're looking for a buyer).
Feels like I'm doomed. Or I just don't have the same taste as the rest of the viewers... Meh.

At least I have a couple of cable/streaming shows left: The Americans, Fargo (and Ewan McGregor is announced for season 3 youhou!!), Halt & Catch Fire, OITNB.
And the British ones: Sherlock and Broadchurch which should both come back this winter.
17 May 2016 @ 10:10 pm
Episode 5. It's passing by so fast. I'm starting getting anxious...

[Just a couple of thoughts about tonight.]
And I who so naively thought we were done with Elias. *sigh* Still not sure why a mob boss deserves so much care from Team Machine.

It's when you give a big sigh of relief that it's not Samaritan who took John that you realize just how terrified you are by Samaritan. ^^ "oh it's just a regular bad guy, John's good!" ...

And one bar fight, check. Okay, at the barber, but that still counts. Though no bonus point because no one flew out the window.

That simulation doesn't bode well... At least they don't pretend not being totally screwed. I'm still very curious to see how they're going to solve it. They're not going to let Samaritan win, can they?

16 May 2016 @ 10:34 pm
So, tonight was episode 5x04 of Person of Interest.

[BIG SPOILERS for episode 5x04... ]So, in tonight's episode, Shaw returns... Things happen. And during the last commercial break, they show a promo for tomorrow's episode... Where John looks very much in one big piece. You know, breathing and alive and whole, in a perfectly clean white shirt...

And then of course, back to tonight's episode, Shaw kills John. D'oh! How am I supposed to believe it for a second if I know he'll be just fine tomorrow!
So, ok, I had a pretty good feeling at that point that it was a simulation anyway, but still, really, CBS?! Way to spoil the end of the episode barely 10 minutes before the end...

Back to the episode, I have to say, despite the fact that I was glad to see Shaw again, and the fact that the concept was cool, I'm really not a big fan of this kind of things (torture and violation of one's integrity), which I've been fearing would come ever since Shaw fell into the hands of creepy Greer and Samaritan...

16 May 2016 @ 03:13 pm
Still catching up on all the things that happened the one weekend I was (mostly) off-line - namely GEORGE AND MATT IN CANNES !!! I'll share my busy and awesome weekend in New York, but for now, a little meme, snagged from the lovely ultra_fic

Comment with a fandom (or more than one) and I'll answer (if I can):

The character I least understand:
Interactions I enjoyed the most:
The character who scares me the most:
The character who is most like me:
Hottest looking character:
One thing I dislike about my favorite character:
One thing I like about my hated character:
A quote or scene that haunts me:
A death that left me indifferent:
My ship that never sailed:

Suggestions of fandoms: White Collar, Person of Interest, Castle, Sherlock, The Good Wife, Second Chance, Limitless, The Americans, NCIS, NCIS LA, Zorro, Carnivale, Harry Potter, In Treatment, House, Modern Family. (If I've forgotten something that you know I watch, feel free to ask! I'm always struggling making my fandom list!)
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Fox has officially cancelled Second Chance...
Source: EW

Not exactly a surprise, it still makes me sad. There was still so much to tell...
But most importantly: When will we see Tim next ?! I don't want to go another year without Tim!